Day 1

First of all I want to give major props to the Albuquerque Dragway team. The rain was coming and going and these folks did an incredible job of getting our race in. Track was in great shape.

We had 16 cars take to the track after yours truly here tore a tube in my slick.

There were some epic battles in the early rounds and when the dust settled we had Sid “the Kid” McDaniel taking on Mike “Marshal Dillon” McCallum. Both of these veteran racers cut great lights but at the end Sid takes the win light in a photo finish.

In the other semi Will “the Thrill” takes on Lisa “Southern Charm” Covell. Wills Cougar pushes thru the light (damn tranny brakes) and Lisa gets her ticket to the final.

With a big rain storm approaching Lisa and Sid have little time for cool down. Lisa and her Loco Gato Chevy launch hard and off she goes. Sid’s High Voltage launches even harder and runs down Lisa for his second race win in a row!

Pictures are taken. Trophies and cash are awarded. The crowd and paparazzi surround our two finalists.
Then…..the rain came down so hard we started to build an ark!
Congrats to Sid and Lisa! We do it all again tomorrow. The weather should be great.

Day 2

Last RMN race of the season albeit some guys are headed to race the CHRR in Baketown. Safe travels fellas!
We had some carnage this weekend.

Mike McCallum broke a lifter. Terry Stonecipher smoked his MSD box. Clint had tranny fluid pouring out of his Pontiac. Coles Firebird lost the rear end. All that left us with 14 cars for the Sunday race. It was a battle royale however in great weather. In the semi finals we hadMike Rogers and his big inch 65 Chevelle vs Ken Kiefer and his nasty “Tin Fish” Barracuda. It was a hell of a race with both drivers running all out.  Mike put the veteran racer Ken on the trailer in a photo finish!

In the other semi Bill Campbell and his “Black Pearl” Dart took on the W30 Oldsmobile of Dave Arnold.  Bill went to light a smoke and was out late. Dave took the stripe and the win.

So it’s Mike and Dave in the final. Olds vs Chevy! Dave gets too anxious and red lights and Mike gets his first drag racing victory! PCongrats Mike you earned it buddy!

Good stuff……Will Rogers got his first round win. Congrats buddy. You made the Saturday semi finals as well!
Cole Shaffer jumped in to his old man’s 10 sec car cold turkey and drove it like he owned it. You hooked now son??
That’s a wrap on our 2017 season.
I will send out a notice on our points champion in a bit.
Some rule changes as well as our 2018 schedule coming soon.
Albuquerque Dragway did a hell of a job for us this weekend. Much appreciated.
Thanks everybody!




Day 1 Winner

Sid McDaniel




Day 2 Runner Up

Lisa Covell



Day 2 Winner

Mike Rogers



Day 2 Runner Up

Doug Arnold