Albuquerque Results :

We fielded a 16 car field in Albuquerque which was perfect in my opinion. Have to thank our Cali guys for making that long haul…you guys are awesome.

Heat, dust storm, rain, a greasy track you name it we experienced it.

Really appreciate everybody who raced.

Our final four ….Glenn Gibbons, Sid McDaniel, Joel Pitre and Jerry Holder.

The final pitted two Albuquerque boys. Our man Sid in High Voltage vs Jerry Holder in his Bodacious Buick! Cars were staged and ready to rock when the rain came. The decision was made not to race and split the pot.

However a winner must be declared. I won’t go in to our complicated tie breaking system but it works.

Sid McDaniel was our Albuquerque Champion! Sid has made every race and he protected his home track. Congrats big guy! You were money all weekend.

Pics will soon be posted on our web site.
Julesburg next!




Sid McDaniel

Runner Up

Jerry Holder