Some 24 years ago Cori and Daryl Dinkel decided to have a baby. But not just a baby…..they wanted a drag racer for a baby. So like something out of a Sci fi movie they set about their task. They read hundreds of hot rod magazines. They burned up the beta max watching John Force and Kenny Bernstein videos. They placed a Christmas tree in the master of their double wide (drag racing tree) and got matching NHRA tattoos. And when it was time to get the show started they drove out to Bandimere at midnight. Crashed the gate and parked their hemi Cuda on the starting line. What happened next is not our business. What I CAN tell you is that some 23 years ago the Dinkel’s had a baby and they named him

Baby Driver…….
So hold that thought…..

We had a 20 car field for Bandimere. It was hot and there were lots of classes. Larry Crispe had the track prepped perfectly but we had some rare air…..9400′ to be exact. Yes….the cars were gasping!

After two furious rounds of racing McDaniel, McCallum, Dinkel, Schroeder….. All our points leaders were knocked out in round two.

Our final five had some new blood and some old plasma.

John Ewing and his big inch Chevy Chevelle took on Joel Pitre and his bigger inch Chevelle. A heads up race! They leave about dead even and it’s back and forth all the way down. Both break out and Pitrize wins allowing John to get home for his 6pm bedtime.

Then it was Doug Cordes and his big block, 4 speed Camaro taking on Cowboy Bob Couch and the 777 Cougar!
We were all suspicious when Bob came out of his hauler in his fireproof foote jammies and climbed in to his race cat.
Doug, with his lumberjack good looks waved at the crowd of thousands as he pulled The Beast to the line.
Bob, using a pillow as a Hans device slowly approaches the line. Doug leaves first, leaves quick. Bob….Bob? Wake up Bob! Somebody wake up Bob. Ok the starter woke him up as Doug takes the win light!

Trent Dinkel got the bye.

So….its Doug (based on reaction time) getting the bye to the final.

Joel Major Shaker Pitrize takes on…..yes, Baby Driver. The Dinkel love child with nothing but drag racing DNA. Holy Mother of drag racing….it worked!

Trent and the Wedge Hammer Dart leave first. Joel has to wait. Boom…off goes the big inch Chevelle with a better light….barely.

Joel had already knocked out Daryl. Trent aka Baby Driver was determined to defend the family honor.
Baby Driver runs a 12.01 on a 12.00 dial as Pitrize cant find second and on the trailer he goes! Mom and Dad go crazy!! All that hard work was paying off!

The final…..the Beast vs Baby Driver. Heads up final which was awesome!

Both cut a light. Baby Driver, bred like a Kentucky thoroughbred, has his goggles pasted to his face. Doug, is jamming gears as the Camaro starts to do what big inch chevies do and he catches Trent. But Baby Driver is here to meet his destiny and Doug breaks out as Trent runs another 12.01!!

Ladies and gentlemen we have a champ and henceforth he shall be known as Trent “Baby Driver” Dinkel !!!

Congrats to both Doug and Trent for getting to their first final in Rocky Mountain Nostalgia!!
Great day…..great racing. Off to the Land of Enchantment next month.





Trent Dinkel



Runner Up

Doug Cordes