Lucas Oil Car Star NAPA RESULTS from Bandimere!

What a weekend of racing.

We started the weekend with 19 cars. Unfortunately Doug Cordes broke his AutoZone clutch in his Camaro and had to take “the Beast” home. Then Bob Couch windowed his block in his Cougar. Sorry guys….that’s rough.

So we had a field of 17 cars.

We had some killer racing for 2 rounds. The King fell…like a verse from American Pie. We put a bounty out of $1000 (Mexican). To whomever could knock off run away leader Bin Laden Dinkel.

Well “Et Tu,Brute” a fellow Mopar put a knife in the Coronet.
The stoic Daryl despite long, soul searching stares across the foothills of the Rockies and circling his hauler like a tiger in a cage…..fell in round 2. Kevin Cuda Jones knocks out the points leader. Unbelievable!!


Round 3 Will “the Thrill” Rogers vs the Mean Green Coronet of John Novack. Rogers the only Mercury in an all Mopar final 5
Man’s last and best hope for order in the herd.
Also…Trent “the kid” Dinkel vs Jason “Hemi” Kennedy.
Kevin Jones with the bye.

Huge crowd waiting in anticipation of door slammer heaven. Cars roll down. Rogers Cougar won’t start! What?! Yup….the starter and flywheel come apart. Rogers throws his helmet in to a group of nuns injuring several but blames Cole Shaffer who takes off in a pit cart drawing security away from the Rogers. Novack advances.

Then Hemi Kennedy takes on the Kid from the Western Slope. Kennedy huddles with brother Jeff in the lanes and peels a tenth off his ET. Just like General Custer this ill fated decision led to a…….loss. Trent covers Jason and the Hemi can’t reach the adjusted number. Trent advances.

Then we had three:
Trent gets the bye to the final.
Novack vs Jones. Coronet vs Cuda!

Kevin Jones shouldn’t even be here. His car is running 12.60s but he has to dial our max of 12.50. Yet….here he is. Little John Novack running low 10s and running great waits on Jones and Kevin lays a perfect light on poor John. A 000 folks on a pro tree. Wow!! John battles but can’t beat perfection.
Kevin to the final.

So we have a Dart vs Cuda final. Crowd is on thier feet!! Jones takes off first but the Cuda sputters. The Kid surprisingly cuts a less than stellar light (have to be gentle with millennials). So it’s a race but at the top you hear the whop, whop of the Dart as Trent takes the win and the race!!
Congratulations to both our finalists and extra fist bump to Trent Dinkel. Young man, you won the race and kept your Dad from having to enter therapy 🙂
On to Kearney! Be there of be square!





Trent Dinkel




Runner Up

Kevin Jones