What a day in Denver!

First, I want to give some major props to Thomas Tuso for sitting in the Bandimere parking lot in arctic conditions to park racers. The Cosa Nostra would be proud of you Thomas.

Kudos to JD and Bill and the Orange Monster team for fighting thru the snow to get here. Same with Mike Rogers from Albuquerque and Will Rogers all the way from Spokane! Then there was Ron Kissner and his wing man Kevin from Grand Junction who had to drive around the closure of I70 to get to the track. The GJ Boyz are a fearless bunch! Finally…..huge props to Ken Godsey who dropped a shipment in Grand Junction at 11pm Friday night. Fought thru the storm to get home by 3am. Then was at the track Saturday and raced only to send a connecting rod thru his block. Ken, you have true grit my friend. John Wayne would have been proud.

So………a freak spring snow storm did not stop us! We had 20 cars and the weather Saturday was perfect! I mean spectacular which resulted in a massive crowd just north of 20,000 fans! We put on a great show for the fans and it was a rush to race in front of so many folks. The Larry Crispe and crew prepared track was unbelievable!

Mike Rogers knocked off the en fuego one Ron Kissner to go to his first final. Then I knocked out JD with a light that I will probably never cut again. This set up a brother in law vs brother in law Ford vs Chevy final. The old Ford got past Mikes Chevy for the win….in a double breakout! After getting put on the trailer in round one in Albuquerque and Vegas I am taking this one!

I want to thank all of our racers for a terrific performance. You guys rock!

Off to Nebraska next month.





Brad Shaffer







Runner Up

Mike Rogers