Another great weekend of racing!
I must thank our GJ family….you folks rock!
Special thanks to Nola and Ron Kissner and Pine Country Truck and Trailer for sponsoring us.
If you need a truck or trailer call Ron!
Special thanks to the McCallums, Cori Dinkel and Nola Kissner for the unbelievable dinner trackside Friday night. What a feed….wow!

Special thanks to the folks at Western Colorado Dragway. They were first class folks and really embraced us. The track was great and what a crowd……awesome!

In case you missed it……
I almost joined the Oser club by forgetting my helmet. I was brutally heckled by my fellow drivers as I sprinted from the staging lanes with Olympic speed to grab my gear. I blame this unsettling act as to why Clint Haskin blew my doors off!

Captain Leroy took a tumble out of Randy Haskins hauler. Witnesses report he may have been shoved. Hmmmmm……..Randy??
An ambulance ride and a bunch of stitches were required but it looks like Leroy will live to race another day. Thank goodness!

Several broken cars and fellow racers pitched in to get our guys back on track. It’s the best part of our group……
JD fed Joel and I and the Ulmers brought us a cooler of water. We were woefully unprepared. Thanks gang!!

RACE RESULTS 20 car field
Our final five matched up with newcomer but not a rookie Reanna Kissner versus the tough Rick Ulmer. A battle of beautiful MOPARS.
Quick Rick was not quick enough and Reanna put him on the trailer!
Then Mike McCallum battled Terry Stonecypher (I know that’s spelled wrong) . Comet vs Fairlane battle. Terry knew he had to pull first to out draw Marshall Dillion McCallum……and went red.
Dale Schroeder got the bye.
Rianna draws a bye to get to the final and Mike and Dale battle.
Another Fairlane Comet dual.
Mike knocks out Dale to go to the final. But wait….Mikes starter is toast so he passes the final spot to Dale.
Classic Ford vs MOPAR battle.
Reanna takes off and Dales tranny brake fails rolling him thru the lights going red.
So out of the blue comes Reanna Kissner knocking off Dayrl Dinkel, Joel Pitre, Rick Ulmer and Dale Schroeder to win the championship!! That’s a tough group of racers to beat!
Congrats young lady! I know Mom and Dad were very proud!!
Thanks to all who raced. It was hotter than heck!

Julesburg in August! Tri State Hot Rod Revival. …….be there, or be square !


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Reanna Kissner




Runner Up

Dale Schroeder