Western Colorado Dragway Results!!

Despite the wind and blowing dust the Rocky Mountain nostalgia team took the the track Saturday night. We had a choice to race eighth mile or quarter mile. Because we are American bad asses (so we think) we chose quarter mile….damn the wind full speed ahead!

We had a perfect field of 16 cars from 9.50 to 12.50. After some awesome razor tight matches we ended up with the final four.

Daryl Dinkel vs Dale Schroeder.
Coronet vs T bolt.

And…a family battle from Tack Crow Joel Pitre vs Mike Rogers. Chevelle on Chevelle crime!

Dinkel under full investigation of having a family member laser light his opponent in the previous round stages against the veteran Schroeder. Daryl cuts a killer light and Dale plays catch up. Somewhere Dale picks up 6/10ths and breaks out big time!
Daryl rolls to the final!

In the other semi…. Joel Pitre happy now that he figured out how to do a burn out lines up against Mike Rogers. Mike cuts a light. Joel a bit sleepy. Joel catches Mike but breaks out by a fraction!

So we have a great final. Chevy vs Dodge.
Mike has beat Sid McDaniel, Ron Kissner and Joel to get to the final. Daryl has beat Mike McCallum, Brad Shaffer and Dale Schroeder so both these guys earned it!

So off we go. Heads up final with both cars at 11.80. Lots of tire smoke and anticipation. Daryl once again cuts a light. Mike is late and it’s over…..our Champ is Daryl Dinkel!! He just wins!
Congrats to both for a great final.

Thanks to Cori Dinkel for handling the track communication and the awesome treats ! You rock!
Good to have Hollywood Mike McCallum back as well.

Off to Bandimere!

        Winner                                           Runner Up

     Daryl Dinkel.                                  Mike Rogers