Great Bend Results!

I’m telling you right now we are going back to Kansas next year. Great people and a great facility. Top flight!

Ok….let’s go with the final six.

Will Rogers breaks after beating Dale Schroeder. So Dale is in if he can get his starter replaced. Mike McCallum shows up in his blue tights and red cape and gets that starter handled . I think somebody else helped? Who was that?

Dale pulls in the lanes just as we start rolling up. Something is funky about Orange Crush though….it’s glowing underneath. What?!! No worries it’s only a magnetic trouble light…Lol!

Up ahead the first two pair off. It’s Roberto Covell vs points leader Cool Hand Dinkel. Dinkel, calm and cool and looking like a men’s cologne commercial is ready for Mopar on Mopar crime. Roberto is wound tight. Lisa Is calming him down by whispering sweet nothing’s in his ear! It’s a battle all the way down and Covell upsets Dinkel! Wow! Hell hath frozen over.

Next pair up Sid Vicious McDaniel vs Santa Shaffer. Mopar vs Ford. Santa coming off his upset win over Trent Dinkel in round 1 (total Mr Miyagi moment…wax off young gun) cuts a good light on High Voltage. Sidney, thinking he has time grabs the Binaca breath spray and takes a shot. Unfortunately he forgets his visor is down and he clouds his own vision. He drops the hammer but Santa and his Fairlane sleigh are long gone. High Voltage goes into warp speed and takes the stripe but not the win light. Old Vicious went a bit too fast and the Great White Fairlane moves on!

Last twosome. The tree cutter Kevin Jones and his killer Cuda vs Dale Schroeder and Orange Crush. Kevin jumps on that light as always. Dale takes off after the fish with his grocery getter station wagon. Kevin looking at his rear view as a big orange bowling ball approaches. Dale is closing in fast when we hear a pop pop pop from the wagon. Something is wrong with that big inch Ford. It’s too late anyway as Kevin takes the stripe and advances.

So…three left. Covell pulls the bye chip. That leaves Jones vs Santa Shaffer for the right to race Roberto! Shaffer isn’t focused. Cori being mean cuz he beat her baby boy and Mama Bear not happy. I guarantee more chloroform in the next batch of Cori cookies……you’ve been warned! 😉

Kevin cuts a solid light and is out on Shaffer at mid track. Santa mashing the pedal thru the floor trying to catch the fish. It’s heads up as both cars take the stripe at what appears to be a tie. However Shaffer has 3 layers of chrome on his front bumper and takes the light and the win! Hell of a drag race!!

So the final has the Great White Fairlane vs Roberto’s “No Quarter” Plymouth Cricket. Both drivers dial up a 10.40 dial in, so a heads up final. Both drivers knock out the top bulb. But they are slow and the starter spanks both of them and drops a quick light. Shaffer is slow but Roberto is busy ordering a pizza on his phone and leaves a week late.

Shaffer holds off the Mopar and wins the race! The drought is over…… Shaffer is mobbed by fans who carry him on their shoulders and he crowds surfs his way to victory Lane. Women throwing undergarments at him. I mean….it’s a buck wild scene. (In my mind) anyway….even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while! What a great night!! Thanks to all who made the haul!

Double header in Albuquerque coming up next October 19th and 20th. Season points finale. Get ready for a wild finish!

PS fun to have Leroy Gray back out racing with us! And Kayla Dinkel laying all that southern talk on us as well !

Peace, Brad



Brad Shaffer



Runner Up

Robert Covell