Todd and his team at the track were great to us. The track served dinner on both Friday and Saturday night to all the racers and their families. There was a great cacklefest and a rock a billy band to boot! There was a ton of old hot rods and diggers that came out to race……super cool.

As for our group we fielded 19 cars on Saturday and 18 on Sunday and we had some screamin fast cars.

Saturday Race Final:
The Chevys and Mopars took it to Ford country putting 7 Fords and Mercs on the trailer in round one. We had to race on a regular tree cuz the pro tree was not functioning properly. Ford and Merc drivers are all professionals and race on a pro tree only…..that’s my excuse…LOL!!
In the final….Karl Oser and his nasty big block “Memories” big block Chevy took on Sid “High Voltage” McDaniel. Sid was quick on the trigger and Karl rolled to victory!! Congrats Karl, you were money buddy!! Second final in a row for Sidney…..well done.

Sunday Race Final:
It was revenge of the Fords and Mercs day as only one non Ford made it to round three. However we had this pesky Dodge that made it in to the final. Daryl Dinkel and his big block Dodge took on the kid, Brandon Caldwell and his “Orange Crush” Ford wagon. In a nail biter Brandon won his first AFX race of his life. Grandparents Dale and Sandy Schroeder could not have been prouder of Brandon!! Congrats to both our finalists!

Good Stuff:
Because of our odd number of cars we had a “race in” qualifier for the four cars slower than our 12.50 cut off. We had a two race, hot lap, fast and furious scrap to grab the 16 spot in the sweet 16. Kudos to those guys….what a battle!

Leroy Gray and Joel Pitre got well in to the 12s for the first time. Congrats guys what a great feeling huh??!!

Cole Shaffer finally brought out the Falcon and ran 13s. Well done junior… work on using that tranny brake and you may be amazed and what “Dirty Ginger” will run 🙂

Rookie Mike Rogers made it to the second round in both races. Our former race master now turned race car driver is coming along quickly!

Good to see Godsey and Norris on track with us. Two super nice and super fast cars. No more projects for a while guys. Time to race!!

Finally props to Dale and Sandy Schroeder for helping our Albuquerque boys with a brake problem on one of the tow rigs. I love our group and even more so when things turn sour……everybody pitches in to help. Whether its Ron Kissner letting me borrow his carburetor to race in Pueblo, or Sid wrenching on Joels car…..I could go on and on but everybody helps everybody and its just awesome…..period.

Check out the Julesburg Hot Rod Revival video. It is a great summary of all the weekend events.

Julesburg Hot Rod Revival Video



1st Day Winner

Karl Oser



1st Day Runner Up

Sid McDaniel



2nd Day Winner

Brandon Caldwell



2nd Day Runner Up

Daryl Dinkel