Julesburg Recap!

Well we fought rain all weekend but Todd and crew kept on top of that track allowing us to get both races in! Points leader and reigning champ Trent the Kid Dinkel breaks his driveshaft in qualifying. We all tell him how sad we are for his bad break. Once he pulls out of the pits we then gleefully say “hey the champ is out, time to carve up his lead”. Haters! It wasn’t me of course it was those other guys

Saturday: after a furious first round battle we moved on as we had Karl Oser and his alcohol charged big inch Nova vs the Great White Fairlane. Oser a top flight racer gets off late. GW is on him quick. Nobody has told Karl GW had some improvements over the winter like new carpet and factory air. So when the Fairlane pulls on past the Nova for the win…..well, he is unpleasantly surprised! Shaffer for the win.

Great battle next: Killer Kissner vs Orange Crush and veteran Dale Schroeder. Kissner coming off his big win in Denver. Kissner and his Valiant out first. But the big orange leaves like a rocket and down goes Kissner! Dale has a bus load of fans from the Shady Acres retirement home cheering him on! Quite a site!

Then we have Daddy Dave Arnold vs Kevin Tree Cutter Jones. Ole Kevin has a new engine in his Cuda and yanks the wheels a foot high. Dave and his gorgeous 442 are already out ahead so Kevin gives chase. Dave fiddling with his 8 track trying to find his Best of the Guess Who tape. But he has no time as the blue fish blows by him for the win.

Final 3:
Shaffer with the bye as it should be 

Jones vs Schroeder, Cuda vs Fairlane wagon. This is a great race. Both guys cut a light but this is Dale’s day. The Wagon puts a gaff in the fish and Kevin is sent back to his pit.

Final: all Ford (take that Mopar fans) Fairlane on Fairlane crime. Big inch fords in both. Both cut solid lights Shaffer gives chase but can’t catch the wagon. Dale runs a 10.40 on a 10.40 dial! Shaffer accepts his loss like a man and goes and cries in the porta potty.

Congratulations Dale!!! You are one tough hombre!!!


After some great early battles. Joel Pitre and his nasty fast Chevelle vs Kevin “going rounds” Jones! Bowtie vs Cuda!!! As usual Kevin cuts a light but so does Joel. The big inch Chevy gets by the Cuda cuz he is flying. Kevin calm and staying in it. Pitre, a veteran CU and Bronco fan understandably knows losing and breaks out with a 10.18 on a 10.20 dial. Oh…..the pain folks.

And then we have the family feud. Bother in law vs brother in law. Will “the Thrill” Rogers vs Bad Brad Shaffer. Cougar vs Fairlane. The new slimmed down version Will is focused despite being fat shamed by Mike McCallum earlier in an unfortunate exchange in the pits. Lol!! Shaffer accepting his fatness cuz his Mom always said he is just “husky” jumps in his car with the finess of a Hippo. Both boyz ready to battle for bragging rights.

The Cat is out quick. Rogers adding a tenth to his dial in (no bueno move) he is flying. The cat with the better light. The great white shark closing on him like he does on a quarter pounder but it’s too late…..or is it. Rogers takes the stripe but breaks out and The Thrill is gone…(get it ;))

Kevin gets the bye to the championship round vs GW and BB. Now Kevin has built his reputation as a tree cutter. His reaction times are killer. But in the final he inexplicably takes a nappy. I mean curled up in a ball, wrapped in a blanky, dreaming of Ron Capps sleepy. Shaffer on the other hand is laser focused. He has his mullet in full growth. He has slapped on the Hai Karate aftershave for his adoring fan base. Bad Brad cuts a cutthroat light and is on the blue fish at half track. He starts coasting to victory when Kevin comes out of nowhere to make it a race. GW though is a beast and pulls out the win.  

So congratulations to me me and my narcissistic behavior on FB cuz I finally won a race. Forgive me…lmao! Or as Connie said….get your stupid trophy out of our bed

Big race in a few weeks. Julesburg Tri State Hot Rod revival!!!! Woot woot!



Day 1 Winner

Dale Shaffer


Day 2

Brad Shaffer



Day 2 Winner

Brad Shaffer



Day 2 Runner Up

Kevin Jones