Hot Rod Revival and Phil Godsey Memorial Race Recap:

After two fast n furious rounds we had four left standing. Mike McCallum vs Joel Pitre. Small block Comet vs Big inch Chevelle. Because I was racing I asked Joel how this race went down as I didn’t see it. All Joel said was “I was Mike’s beach”. Why Joel thought he was sand and water is beyond me but ok buddy. Mike to the final.

Brad Shaffer vs Dave Arnold. Big inch Fairlane vs the beautiful 442.

Dave going rounds and cutting great lights. Shaffer fresh off putting Trent ” the kid” Dinkel on the trailer yet again. (Feel the burn youngster LOL) Dave out first with a great light. Shaffer gives chase. Stripe approaching as the Ford pulls up next to the Olds. It’s a photo finish but Shaffer has extra chrome on his bumper and down goes Dave.

Final: Mike’s Marauder vs Great White!

Mike as always tough as shoe leather. Shaffer on a roll. Both cut good lights. Mike is off like a rocket. Great White flexing its new muscle and chasing down the Comet. Shaffer gets by Mike and avoids a breakout by a razors edge. Shaffer wins…pigs sprout wings. Unbelievable!! Great final!

Sunday: Phil Godsey Memorial

A great time to think about Phil and salute him!! Ken Godsey had an awesome trophy made and we all wanted to win it.

Final Four:
Trent Dinkel vs Kevin Jones. Dart vs Cuda. Dinkel trying to stay atop the points standing. Kevin with a new engine and a wheel standing beast it is! The kid is t u f f pony boy and Kevin gets put on the trailer.

Joel Pitre vs Billy Bye. Joel goings rounds again. Joel knocked off Will “the Thrill” Rogers in a nail biter to get to the final three and drew the bye chip.

Final: Chevelle vs Dart. Both young men cut killer lights. So the battle was on! Crowd on its feet Mama Dinkel lining up the Dart. Pitre in his Major Shaker Chevy puts on an epic burnout.

It’s go time!!! The Dart jumps out first but Joel is right on him. Wait! What?! Red light to Pitre and Trent wins!! Congrats to both these fine young racers!!

A great weekend. An unbelievable crowd. A fantastic can’t miss event!


HRR Winner

Brad Shaffer

HRR Runner Up

Mike McCallum


Phil Godsey Memorial Winner

Trent Dinkel


Phil Godsey Memorial Runner Up

Joel Pitre


Perfect Light Tree Cutter Award

Ron Kissner