CHAMPIONS!! Thats right sports fans from ESPN to Fox Sports to the swimsuit addition of Sports Illustrated……Motorsports pundits around the world are comparing the Rocky Mountain Nostalgia victory over the Rocky Mountain Stick Shifters to the American Hockey team victory over the Russians in Lake Placid. Wow!!!!

Racing on their rules 18 of our finest lined up mano e mano (sans one lady) against 18 of the RMSS finest. Red lights plagued us as we had to run on a sportsman’s tree. I am proud of all 18 of our racers. In particular however I want to recognize the following.

Kevin Jones for going rounds in his awesome purple people eater Cuda. You were nails all weekend buddy!

Mike “the mustache” McCallum. The John Wayne swagger is back as Mike has got his car figured out. Mike just missed out on going to the final. You were magnificent on Sunday Mr Mike!

I knew somebody would have to do the heavy lifting though and we found our champion in Brandon Caldwell.

Flying right on to the dragstrip in his grandpa’s private plane Brandon made a stunning entrance.
Shortly thereafter a C130 landed delivering Dale’s Orange Crush wagon. It was the coolest thing I’ve seen since Evel Knievel tried to jump the Snake River.

With gal pal Melissa on his arm Brandon waved to the paparazzi then immediately went to work under the hood of Crush. Round after round Brandon knocked out the stick shifters like a Holly Holm roundhouse kick. (See Rhonda Rousey video)

When the dust settled on the eastern Colorado prairie two were left standing Brandon vs Larry and his wicked 57 Chevy. As it should be a RMN vs RMSS final.

Brandon left first and never looked back and won the Shootout solidifying a RMN points win as well!
In victory lane young Brandon leaped up on Larry’s hood and planted our RMN flag right thru it…..(epic) and declared “praise the Lord that I didn’t have to race Daryl Dinkel” ha!

So we get the win the cup and the bragging rights. Thinkin we should do this again next year. After all just like the Stanley Cup it’s a traveling trophy.

RMSS guys were awesome to race with. Great feed at the track on Sunday night!
Thanks to all and see you at Bandimere in two weeks!


P.S. I failed to mention that Dave Arnold and Rick Ulmer cut perfect lights over the weekend!
Way to go Ninjas!!! Rick got a pin signifying his accomplishment. Not sure if Dave got his but he will.
Well done fellas!!




2018 RMN vs RMSS Shootout


Brandon Caldwell