Thanks to Glenn Gibbons “Pouncin Poncho Pilot” owner of Premier Performance and Restoration host/ sponsor of the A/FX class at the PDR this weekend.

We started a little later in the day Friday due to tech inspection timeline confusion, but once they started it was quick.

We had over 10 cars make at least 2 qualifying passes by 6:00pm. That got us started in the right direction for the elimination rounds on Saturday.

Two more qualifying runs Saturday. Glenn and Sid ran their match races on the second qualifying round and another for the opening ceremony before eliminations started. It was Mopar over Pontiac, with High Voltage taking the stripe ahead of Pouncing Poncho, for a 2-0 victory.

Losing only one car in qualifying, gave us a 13 car field for first round…a 7 car field for second round, with the earned buy going to “Daryl the Driver” & Wedge Hammer for running closest to his index. Good job Daryl!!

By the third round it was 3 Mopars and 1 Chevy, with Wedge Hammer (Daryl) and Premature Acceleration (JD) collecting $$$ for finishing in the 1/4s.

That left Duces Wild (Mike) a new comer, with a first time out car and High Voltage (Sid) in the battle of the brands final. While Mike was quick on the tree all day this round caught him napping 😴 and High Voltage chased him down to take the stripe. Better luck next time Mike. 😜

Plaques and $$$, were awarded to first and second place with the recreation of the Historic Bee Line Dragway Tower as the back drop. Thanks to the efforts of Steve, the primary promoter and organizer for this event.

Thanks to all for traveling the miles, to be at this event. Welcome to the new comers…Yale Rosen, blowing the dust off of his 63 Galaxy!!

For me… I am in a very lucky 🍀 and charmed place, among an awesome group of very passionate, car guys and gals!!

Thanks 🙏




Sid McDaniel



Runner Up

Mike Pippin