Hola everyone!

Race #3 gave us a third different champion. At Pueblo ……
Chris McCallum in his red, bad ass, AMX defeated Dale Schroeder and his killer Thunderbolt by the paint of his bumper.
What a great race to watch!  Congrats Chis!! You earned it brother !

We had a nice 14 car turnout. Unfortunately we had a couple break but we still had a heck of a show.  A storm and an oil down pushed our race to Sunday but a good time was had by all.

Props to Gary and Gari who had the Pueblo track prepped and ready to rock!
They showed us great hospitality and we all really appreciate them!

Next stop…….Albuquerque. Hope to see you there!!





Chris McCallum




Runner Up

Dale Schroeder

Great Race!

Where’s The Money!

Pueblo 2016 Final