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Base rules as described on the ANW Website with the following additions:

1) Body Type

  • 1.2 1960-1972 full body and certain shorter wheelbase cars as described below.
  • 1.6 station wagons will be permitted
  • 1.7 small block power plants allowed


  • Chevy II 1962 to 1967
  • Camaro and Firebird 1967 to 1969


  • Maverick and Comet 1970 to 1972
  • Falcon 1960 to 1965
  • Mustang 1964 to 1970
  • Cougar 1967 to 1970
  • F100 1963 to 1964


  • All A body two door coupes and wagons
  • Dodge D100 1963 to 1964


  • AMX and Javelin
  • Scoops Must comply per ANW rules. Period correct. No snorkels. Must be approved by ANWRMC board.

All cars must look period correct which includes graphics either painted on or the use of vinyl letters. Car names encouraged ie Old Yeller, Iron Horse, Rowdy Red etc. This is a ANW requirement and important to our series. It’s non negotiable as well.

Qualifying and Ladder:

  • .25 index and .400 pro tree and handicap start
  • A minimum ET of 12.99 is required
  • A fast and maximum ET of 9.50 will be allowed.
  • Car with fastest qualifying time gets first round bye if odd number qualify
  • Closest to dial in gets lane choice
  • Small block cars race each other in early eliminations
  • Manufacturer match ups can be expected Chevy vs Ford, Mopar vs Chevy, AMC vs Chevy etc.
  • Cars outside the aforementioned scope can be admitted based on ANWRMC board approval.

There will be a board meeting after every race to assure we are staying on point. Racer input is encouraged. Changes can be implemented at any time during the racing calendar.