Another fast and furious race on the mountain this weekend. Some oil downs and a little bit of rain slowed things down a bit but temperatures were cool and perfect for racing. Bandimere is such an awesome race track and Mr Larry had the track prepped great as he always does.

So here we go…….

We had 20 cars when Roy broke his engine in the last session of qualifying. Dang it Roy……we all feel your pain buddy. So 19 cars entered in to the elimination rounds. We had some awesome first round racing! Great job everybody!!

Our final 5………….

Sid McDaniel (making his triumphant return)in High Voltage vs crowd favorite JD Campbell and Premature Acceleration. JD took his pillow and blanky to the line and napped while Sid put a light on him sending JD back on the trailer. Maybe some No Doz for JD?

Then newcomer Fred Gomez and his beautiful GO GO 64 Falcon took on Kevin Jones and his purple people eater Cuda. Kevin was quick and sent Fred a packing. John Norris got the bye.

A coin toss sent Kevin in to the final vs the Sid McDaniel vs John Norris winner.
When I think about our group this match up race epitomizes what we are supposed to be about.

I present to you Ford vs MOPAR, big inch engine vs big inch engine, period correct looking really nice cars and stick vs automatic. Sid Vicious and Cowboy John both dialed 10.50. Setting up a heads up start (for you asking for us to to go to tenths this is why we won’t)

Both cars pull the wheels and battle all the way down the track, back and forth, ripping and roaring, with Sid taking the win in a hell of an exciting race! It was epic……

Whew……i need a cigarette after that and I don’t even smoke.

So……big final with Kevin Jones and the Cuda vs Sid Vicious. Another great race and all MOPAR final.

Kevin cuts a killer light and gets up on Sidney big. But Kevin sees that red eyed High Voltage coming hard and mashes that pedal thru the floorboard. Sid clips Kevin at the line, both cars break out big but Sid takes the win by a frog hair.

Welcome back Sid and congratulations!!!!! You beat five good racers and you eaned it. Albuquerque in two weeks. Final race of the year.

Yea I said it.

See ya’ll soon!!





Sid McDaniel



Runner Up

Kevin Jones