Hey guys! Vegas was a lot of fun.
We have a few kinks to work out but that’s to be expected with a start up group.
Congrats to the Vegas champ of the Rocky Mountain group Mr. Daryl Dinkel and runner up Mike McCallum!!
Way to smoke em fellas!
Congrats as well to JD “red light” Campbell for handing the West crown to some dude in a white fairlane. Always the giver you are buddy. Congrats on the runner up ….you the man !
Mike McCallum also was the runner up in the truck class in Vegas!

Way to kick some arse mi amigo!

More on the Vegas race will be posted soon on the website.
Denver is coming in May. I’m looking and hoping for a strong car count.
So far I have the following commitments
Thomas, Sid, Brad, Dale, Mike, Randy H,
JD and ???
Let me know if you are in or out as soon as possible.
We will have premiere pit parking, a solid purse, a great BBQ and trophies.
Should be a huge crowd as well.
Hoping some of our AZ and Cali guys will make it.

Thanks much!