The formation of our group has come about thanks to Dave Franklin and the American Nostalgia West AFX/NSS Group.

I was looking to race my 67 Fairlane with a group of guys who just like drag racing their old iron. Well, I found that group out in California and they welcomed me with open arms.

The only challenge was living in Colorado and racing in California. It’s a tough haul over those Rockies! To address this we looked at forming our own chapter of ANW.

With the help of friends and fellow racers Mike McCallum and Will Rogers and with the blessing of Mr Franklin we have started the Rocky Mountain Chapter of ANW.

We did a test in Albuquerque to see what kind of car count we would get for a nostalgia race and we were blessed when over 24 cars showed up.

That event set things in motion and inspired us to build a 2016 racing schedule that takes place east of the Rockies (except Vegas)
We are simply a group of gearheads that like running the old iron that pounded the streets in the 60’s and early 70’s.
We have some pretty wicked fast cars with no power adders. We race for fun and we get competitive but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s all about hot cars, bench racing, hanging out and preserving our heritage!
We are a non profit organization.

Brad Shaffer