Our season closed on a beautiful fall day in the Land of Enchantment.

On Saturday we had some fun racing with each other. Despite a lot of street cars the track worked well.
On Sunday we lined up with 16 cars …….I will come back to that in a minute.

Lisa Covell the much better half of the Robert Covell marriage raced her Camaro in the Sportsman Class of the New Mexico State Championships. Despite having not raced for a year Lisa won the class and the Wally! Nice things should happen to nice people and that’s just what happened.
Loved the win which many of us watched and loved the tears of our gal who kicked arse all day! Congrats Lisa!!! You rock!!

Ok….back to the final….
Doug Anderson broke a tranny and Kevin Smith hoping to take a run at the top points guys broke a driveshaft…..rats!

So we ran our mighty 14.
After a couple of rounds we had our final four.

Jerry Holder and the Bodacious Buick took on Sid Vicious McDaniel in one semi and Mike Rogers and Checkered Past took on Ron Kissner and the Red Cuda.

Jerry, sporting a Simpson helmet molded in the likeness of a cowboy hat was ready to rock. Our version of the Marlboro Man lined up against the legend and season champ Sid McDaniel. Jerry leaves first and Sid has to wait. High Voltage launches and off they go…..a double breakout!! What!!! Sid wins by a hair and Bodacious goes back in to hibernation zzzzzzzzzzzz……..

In the other semi Mike Rogers is having problems. His starter is being cooked by his headers. Same problem he had a year ago.
Has Mike fixed it? Noooooo! He has been busy at spin class and getting his degree in interior decorating 🙂

So “overheating” Mike and Rowdy Ron Kissner line up. Mike is totally focused on his temp guage. So focused in fact he fails to realize the tower has him dialed in at a time of 10.00 instead of a 12.00 !!
In a classy move Ron sees the mistake and refuses to stage pointing to the mistake on Mike’s time.
The tower fixes it….bravo Ron!

Mike takes off Ron chases him down and in another double breakout Ron knocks Mike out by a razors edge!

Sid vs Ron in a rematch of Grand Junction. Both cars launch hard and rumble down the track. Double breakout again…….and…..Ron wins!

What an awesome final. Great race you two. Sid and Ron were our top 2 points winners so it was appropriate they met in the final.
(Final points standings will be out later)

Special thanks to Yearwoods who put up our purse!!
Special thanks to Albuquerque Dragway for treating us so well.
Special thanks to the all female Sid Vicious groupies for the delicious treats!!
I am working on the 2019 schedule right now.
I hope all who raced this season had fun because that’s what we do this for.

All the best!





Ron Kissner



Runner Up


Sid McDaniel