Well, wouldn’t you know Sid Vicious took the opener in Albuquerque this weekend. Sid topped a spectacular field that included 2, 9 sec cars and 8, 10 second cars. Wow! You are the king of Albuquerque amigo!
Runner up was the gear masher Ron Kissner in Iron Peddler. He would make all you 4 speed hammerheads proud! Great job you two.
Third place went to Joel Petri and his sweet 63 Fairlane. The rookie is a rookie no more ! Great racing Joel!
Rounding out the top 4 was Mike McCallum in his mean Comet! Mike, you rock buddy and you were on it today!! Mike also won Miss Congeniality as voted by his fellow racers….
Other: Mike Rogers hit the 11s for the first time in his Chevelle!!
Randy Haskin showing us the briliance of duct tape and baling wire ran a 10.12 at altitude in his soon to be mine 67 Mustang fastback. Way to go bro. Glad you’re back…..well, maybe Clints not ?? 🙂
Special thanks to the Covells for being our race masters. Great job you two!
Next month is Vegas…. let’s get our Elvis on!





Sid (Vicious) McDaniel







Runner Up

Ron Kissner