What a great weekend in Albuquerque ! Let me set the table…….

Joel and I blew a tire on the hauler south of Pueblo. Got that fixed. Headed south again and some 30 miles later we recognize Brandon Caldwell limping along on the shoulder . We flip a coin and it’s heads meaning we should stop and help 🙂

Brandon’s $5 tire tool broke so he couldn’t get his nuts off. Hmmmm. Anyway. The Tack Crow AAA team helped him get rolling. We both stopped in the baked goods capital of Colorado (#Trinidad) to get tires.
Unfortunately Grandpa Schroeder gave grandson a hauler with bad wheel bearings (shame, shame) so baby boy had to go to a local shop and get those replaced. We left Brandon in capable hands so to speak and got to Albuquerque. Never fear Brandon “cinnamon roll” Caldwell made it later that evening.

We had our banquet and it was a lot of fun. Great venue, great food and great folks. We recognized the Champ Sid “Vicious” McDaniel and our top finishers Ron Kissner, Dale Schroeder, Joel Pitre and Daryl Dinkel. Congrats to all and especially to Sid….you rocked it all year buddy!

We had an awesome race on Sunday with a beautiful blue sky and 17 cars.
After two killer rounds of racing we were down to five.
• Ken Keifer and his beautiful Barracuda knocked out Bodacious Jerry Holder by a fender.
• Terry Stonecipher and his bad ass Thunderbolt put Kevin Jones and his Plymouth fish in his creel.
• Daryl Dinkel with the bye.

Daryl and Terry battle for the right to race Ken K in the final. Terry Tbolt decides to share Daryl’s lane with him about half track. We all get some serious anxiety but Terry, using his dirt track skills brings the Ford back from the brink of disaster and Dayrl advances.

So an all MOPAR final. Big sigh……..

Important to note here. Cori Dinkle is awesome and feeds us all tasty treats every race. St Patrick’s Day brought us green cookies and green Rice Krispy squares. However I noticed Dayrl Dinkel never eats any of these treats. Hmmmm. Conspiracy theory in full swing. Ha!

Also….Brandon Caldwell brought us a box of Trinidad cinnamon rolls. Not sure how he got these but we have TMZ reporters on the scene. More to follow #Trinidad.

So yo yo here we go!
Kiefer vs Dinkel. Cuda vs Coronet. Daryl struggling with fuel delivery all day. Ken mowing his opponents down like a Al Capone. Ken heats em up. Daryl can’t get the Wedge Hammer started! Smoke pouring out under the Dodge. Daryl desperately cranking over the car. Ken, ever the sportsman grabs a smoke and waits. Suddenly the Hammer fires and Daryl does a no smoke quick burnout.
Both cars stage. Dinkel leaves first. Ken forgets his Ray-Bans and is late on the light. So like a batter who realizes his bat is cracked and still swings for the fence Daryl launches one into the deep seats and wins the season opener!!

Congrats to our runner up Ken Kiefer who ran hard all day and champs Daryl and Cori Dinkel !! Great job ya’ll!

Big Thanks to Yearwoods who helped sponsor our race and Albuquerque Dragway for being such gracious hosts. The Costa brothers rock!

Thanks to Valvoline and NAPA Auto Parts as well.

Next top Vegas….lets do this!





Daryl Dinkel



Runner Up

Ken Kiefer