What a Battle on the mountain today!! We started with 17 cars. Unfortunately Dave Arnold sent his engine to Oldsmobile heaven and headed back west. Sorry buddy….you were on a roll!

So 16 cars including 3 new faces which was great to see. The weather was perfect the Bandimere staff was awesome and we had some incredible battles in the first two rounds.

Points leader Trent Dinkle was upset in round one and opened the door for those in the chase!!

So here we go to the semi-finals.
Joel “Major Shaker” Pitre vs Cale Crispe (son of track manager Larry Crispe and John Bandimere’s grandson) Big block Chevy battle with Cale driving Tom Tuso’s Impala.

Well, this was over at half track as the Shaker had a malfunction of some type and Joel got put on the trailer. So Cale to the final! However Joel becomes a player for year end hardware. Hmmmm…best get that Chevy fixed homie!

Then came a most interesting match. Daryl Dinkel and Crew Chief Cori aka Team Wedge Hammer vs Bad Brad and the Great White shark!  Shaffer #2 in the points chase and closing fast on Trent Dinkel. Daddy Daryl tasked with protecting baby boy. Mama Cori literally stuffing her famous melatonin cookies in Shaffer’s fire suit.

Daryl drops a killer ninja light on Shaffer but the old guy answers with a good light as well (if you’re grading on a curve) the big inch Fairlane giving all she has to catch the Coronet. GW gets past Daryl but breaks out and Team Wedge Hammer goes to the final!!

Daryl vs Cale. Mopar vs Chevy. Both cars evenly matched. Cale with a great racing pedigree launches first. Daryl out after him. DD has had his share of bad luck but not today. In a bumper to bumper finish Daryl takes the win and the trophy!!!!

Congrats to both for an awesome final!!

Great race next week as we finish our season and celebrate our champion. About 4 or 5 folks have a shot at the crown!!!

See y’all next Saturday!!!!!





Daryl Dinkel



Runner Up

Cale Crispe