Wow Wow Wow….what a finale at the Detroit Footbrake Nationals at Bandimere Speedway!

Season Championship on the line. Let’s get straight to it. Three drivers in the hunt for the crown. Points leader Trent “the kid” Dinkel upset in round one by Ron “Killer” Kissner. Door now opens wide.

Dale “Orange Crush” Schroeder beats Fred Gomez and Sid Vicious to advance. Bad Brad Shaffer beats Daryl Dinkel and Ron Kissner to advance. Shaffer now tied in points with Trent Dinkel. Dale Schroeder closing in fast.

So off to the semis. Schroeder vs Shaffer. The winner to face Mike “Checkered Past” Rogers in the final.

It’s all on the line here. If Shaffer and the “Great White” Fairlane beats the “Orange Crush” wagon then he wins the championship. If Dale wins and then beats Mike Rogers in the final we would have a 3 way tie for the crown! Lots of drama!!

Dale dials a 10.60 and Brad a 10.50. Both drivers cut solid lights. Shaffer on Schroeder’s quarter panel, then door, then fender but he can’t get past that bumper and Dale takes the stripe! But taking that stripe has consequences as Dale breaks out and Shaffer wins the championship!! First time for Shaffer and a Ford breaks that MOPAR stranglehold!!

So now to the final. Mike Rogers breaking from his covid captivity in New Mexico vs Shaffer. Big block Chevelle built by Kurt Steplowski vs big block Fairlane built by Richard Peters.

10.70 vs 10.50. Mike cuts a killer light and Shaffer gives chase. Slowly the Great White shark gobbles up the silver Chevelle. But Mike is on his game today. The Fairlane breaks out. Mike runs damn near on his dial and wins the race and the hardware!!!

Congrats to Mike for his win. Congrats to Brad for winning the crown.

Thanks to all who raced with us. It was a hell of a season in tough times. We got it done though and done safely despite the plague and politics……WE GOT IT DONE!! Thanks for having the fortitude and grit to pursue the sport we all hold so dear.

God bless you all. Have a great off- season and get ready to dance next year!!!






Mike Rogers



Runner Up

Brad Shaffer