Sorry this recap is late folks !!

It was great getting the band back together again! We had 24 cars which was a solid field. 
I’ve been asked how the Fairlane did with all the changes. The answer was good and bad. She would not come up on the converter so I launched at 3000rpm. The sixty foot was 1.62 so that’s the bad. The good was I ran a 10.60 at 130 and the car ran straight and true. We will get that fixed!
Fast funnies:
Mike Pippen- get a better mirror. Mike broke out even though his opponent hadn’t left the starting line. 
Dale Schroeder- fasten those hood pins buddy! Hard to see the track thru the hood! 
Me- had a new helmet. The visor dropped and fogged over at the burnout box. I couldnt see and couldn’t find the release. Finally figured it out…full panic. 
Joel Pitre- keep your pants on!
Good stuff:
 Will Rogers got his Cougar back on track and it’s fast!! 
Did y’all see DeAnnas little blue Mustang run? OMG….fast, fast and a stick shift to boot! 
Sarah brought her hubbies 66 Cuda to race while he was healing up from recent surgery. What a beautiful car!
The race:
After 2 fast and furious rounds:
Karl Oser vs the kid, the champ Trent Dinkel. Trent campaigns the lovely Dart called Karen. He loves Karen but love is fickle and often cruel. Karen wants to break up with Trent. Karen says Trent loves video racing more than her. So why those two squabble Karl awaits. Karl is on a mission. He went thru the first two rounds like Sherman thru Atlanta. Karl has a ton of hardware and he ain’t scared. He puts the champ and his gal on the trailer. Boom! 
Ron Killer Kissner vs Kevin Cuda Jones. Ron is Kevin’s boss. Awkward? 
Ron tells Kevin just before the race that things are tight at work with the virus and all. Then just walks away. Cruel physiological warfare ! Ron beats Kevin by a bumper. Both celebrate. Ron cuz he won and Kevin Cuz he still has a job! Lol! 
Daryl “stoic” Dinkel vs  Trinidad “Cinabun” Caldwell. Caldwell, grandson of legend Dale Schroeder won his second round with a 31 second run. Daryl has a new pair of Wal-Mart sweatpants with footies and a drop seat for emergencies. Dinkel ain’t playin though and pounds his Coronet down the track. Caldwell gives chase but to no avail and on the trailer he goes. 
Three left… to get a bye. Cori Dinkel offers me a dozen cookies. Daryl Dinkel pulls the “bye” chip. It’s a miracle. 
Killer Kissner vs Karl Oser. Should be a hell of a battle right. But it’s Karl’s nap time and he did it right on the line. Kisser spanks Karl and back to Castle Rock he goes. Good day though Karl! 
Final: Kissner vs Dinkel. Mack Colorado vs Grand Junction. Coronet vs Scamp or Swinger or Simca….a Dart of some type. All Mopar final….blah, blah, blah. (Bitter Ford guy here) 
Two of the best line up like two outlaws settling a dispute on the streets of Dodge City (get it?) 
Dinkel draws first with an incredible light. But Ron has his Kevlar vest on. He will not be denied! Ron catches Daryl at the stripe for the win!!! Just a hell of a race fellas!! 
Congrats to Ron our Champ and Daryl our Runner up ! Y’all rock!
 That’s it folks. See you in June at Bandimere once again!
All the best



Ron Kissner 



Runner Up

Daryl Dinkel