What a great race we had this weekend. Special thanks to Daryl Dinkel and Cori Dinkel for being our race masters!

We had a 20 car field but some early carnage dropped us to 18 by race time. Daryl hurt his engine and Ron Kissner air mailed his driveshaft. Sorry guys but I know youll be back on the track soon.

Congratulations to Mike Rogers for getting his car into the tens! He was sky high! Sid Vicious debuted his fantastic Dodge Dart. What a beautiful build Sid did on his car….wow!!

Let’s go right to the final five. Dale and Orange Crush pulled a bye chip. That left Trent the kid Dinkle vs Little Jon and his Mean green Coronet. Kids tough and so is Jon. Mopar on Mopar crime! Trent out first but Jon is on him and past him but wait! Too fast buddy. Peddle peddle but the kid is spot on and takes the win!

Then we had Cinnamon Bun aka Trinidad Caldwell taking on Will The Thrill Rogers. Ford on Ford! Cougar vs Fairlane. Brandon out first trying to impress his girlfriend (she actually likes fat guys in their 60’s ) the Thrill cuts a killer light and is on the Fairlane like Will on a Cheeto! Will takes the stripe, gets the bye and into his first final he goes!

So Orange Crush vs Wedge Hammer Dos for the right to face Will. Trent out first and Dale is on him. Both cut great lights and Dale has his hood pins on this time . Trent stretching for the stripe Dale goes by him but….too late. Youth is served and Dale gets put on the trailer.

Final Cougar vs Dart. Will vs Trent. Will’s first final. Trent, defending series champion. Will not used to the attention. Wife Amy fighting off groupies who want to inappropriately touch “the Thrill. Trent meanwhile waiting for Mom’s permission to be out past 9pm. all good now both bad ass hot rods on the line. Trent is a tree killer and he does it again. The Thrill, exhausted at this point from signing autographs sleeps at the wheel. I’m talking pillow, blanky, glass of milk sleepy. Will runs dead on his dial in and is running down Trent but too late baby….back to back wins for the Kid!! Damn he is good. Great job for both our stud muffins and thanks for a great final.

Trent also announced he has a fiance. She doesn’t know it yet but she is smart, attractive and is a racer. More on this breaking story later…

Next stop…JULESBURG!








Trent Dinkel







Runner Up

Will Rogers