Well, we had a heck of a race at Bandimere. A massive crowd of around 25,000 turned out to watch the NAPA Night of Fire and Thunder and the weather was PERFECT!!

We lost 8 of our original 18 commitments for race cars. However, thanks to Ken Godsey and Dale Schroeder we came up with some more great cars…..John Novak and his 66 Coronet. And Roy Thompson and his 64 Thunderbolt to name a couple. We ended up with 16 cars but lost one due to mechanical reasons.

For me, the highlight of the weekend was having the honor of racing with John Bandimere Jr. Mr Bandimere won his first run match up and ran right on his dial in driving the crowd in to a frenzy! Props to Thomas Tuso for making that happen and lending his New Jersey Jewel Chevrolet to John.

Mr Larry Crisp and his top flight crew at Bandimere Speedway had the track in great shape as usual. What a awesome facility! We appreciate Larry scoring us prime pit spots as well! “Sporty” Bandimere was very supportive of our efforts and helped us to make this a memorable event. Thanks Sporty!

Now….race results:

Daryl “the Hammer” Dinkel made it to his second final in a row falling in a close race to track veteran Jeff Ewing and his big block Nova. Jeff owns a NAPA store in Firestone CO. It was NAPA NIGHT of Fire and Thunder so maybe there was too much karma on his side????. Mike Rogers will update our points standings shortly and I expect “the Hammer” will be leading the pack.

John Norris brought out his unbelievably gorgeous 66 Fairlane. A four speed, FE, wheel standing monster! Well done John!

I finally got to see Karl Oser pull his big block Nova to the track with a GTO. Now thats…..cool.

Finally…..props to all of our racers for supporting our two young pups who have joined our chapter. Corey and Leroy Gray fielded their 64 Comet and Joel Pitre brought out his 63 Fairlane. Both cars run low 13s and were not quite fast enough to make our 12.50 cut off. Our drivers all decided to let them run with us and run they did. Great showing by our ” young guns” Dale and Sid busted their tails getting Joel back on the track after a shifter failure…. you guys rock!

So…. off to Pueblo we go next month.

Thanks Brad



Race Winner

Jeff Ewing




Runner up

Daryl Dinkel




Bandimere 2016

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