Ever see the movie “Field of Dreams” ? It’s about a farmer who cuts a baseball diamond out of his corn field. Well RMN found its field of dreams in Acton Montana.

After driving thru acres and acres of wheat fields and getting a bit panicky that maybe we were lost in amber waves of grain the track popped up out of nowhere.

Mike McCallum said and I agree that Yellowstone Dragway is the nicest facility we’ve raced at sans Bandimere and Vegas. The track surface was great. The track personnel were great. They have awesome air-conditioned restrooms and concession food that’s homemade!
Ya’ll need to race that track if you haven’t already!

Ok….race results…..
Saturday :
Final 4. Cole Shaffer dropped a great .03 light on his daddy to advance and take on Sid Vicious. The kid battled the super tuff Sid but lost a close one and Sid advanced.

In the other semi Daryl The Wedge Hammer and crew chief Cori took on the tenacious one , Ronnie Sox Kissner. In another bumper to bumper finish Daryl put Ron on the trailer to advance.

So now it’s midnight. Sid lines up vs Daryl. Beautiful Montana night. Daryl cuts a killer light. Sid knocks out the top bulb and ticks the beam to pull a red light. Daryl, returning to his winning form is our Champion! Congrats to him and Cori for a job well done!!!

Sunday race deaux
Really nice air and cars were flying. Two quick qualifying runs.
Down to the final 4. Sid is back in the mix cutting great lights…..a result of milking New Mexico rattlesnakes in his spare time. Dale Schroeder was making rounds and was trying hard to stop Sids momentum. Sid drops a killer light on Dale and another Ford bites the dust. Sid to the final.

In the other semi we had Joel and his Major Shaker Chevelle vs our 2017 season champion Mike “yakity yak”McCallum. Big Mike likes to go deep on the light and he did…..too deep and he pulls a red light sending Joel to the final.

So we have a Chevy vs Mopar final. Both dial a 10.25 setting up a heads up race…..awesome.
Light drops and Sid is long gone as Joel goes a bit sleepy at the light.
Sid wins taking home the big trophy while Joel takes runner up! Congrats to all our winners!!

Special thanks to Mike and Sid for working on Coles Firebird. Mike’s loaner carb saved the day for Cole and kept him in the game.

Sid also wins the Karl Oser award by running over his fan. Pretty sure Dale chucked it under there 🙂

Mike McCallum unveiled his 80s mustache…..saw one like it once. In a movie. On 8mm film.
Nobody broke.

Will Rogers ran on 7 cylinders like his brother did in Las Vegas…..really should plug the wire back on fellas when checking a plug. Must be in the DNA.

Thanks again to the dedicated and hearty bunch that made the long trip! Ya’ll rock!
Off to Julesburg in August. No graphics….no run. That’s the rules 🙂





Winner Day 1

Daryl Dinkel




Runner Up Day 1

Sid McDaniel



Winner Sid McDaniel

Runner up

Joel Pitre