What a great time we had in Grand Junction! GJ is a great town and Western Colorado Dragway runs a great facility!  Very appreciative of the track and all their team members!

We started off the weekend with 2O cars. JD Campbell set the pace with a blistering 10.05 run. Then came Sid McDaniel and Joel Pitre in the 10.30s!
After 3 rounds of qualifying we lost Larry Robbins and his beautiful red Demon as his camshaft went flatter than a Village Inn pancake.
Doug Cordes was on the verge of not running when his clutch linkage on the Camaro came apart but he rallied….fixed it and stayed in the fight!
Before I go any further I want to thank Larry and Sarah Robbins for the donuts! Thanks to Cori Dinkle for her awesome cookies…..we almost had a riot when the drivers didn’t see the cookie tray!!
Finally thanks to Nola Kissner and the Kissner family for buying everybody pizza!!
All the aforementioned should explain some slower quarter mile times!
So off we go to eliminations.
After two furious rounds of racing we were left with five racers all capable of winning it all.
After a chip draw…..
Sid Vicious vs Reanna Kissner.
Ron Kissner vs Daryl Dinkle
Bye….brad shaffer assisted by his underhanded granddaughter. Kid knows how to shuffle the chips 🙂
Sid battling for more hardware and Reanna defending her title.
Sid is on his mark. Reanna breaks out and Sid moves on.
Daryl lays down a great light but Ron will not be denied and cuts a great light himself. Ron catches the Wedge Hammer at the top and Ronnie Sox moves on.
Final 3- Ron, Sid, Brad
Sid draws a bye chip and leaves Ron and me to battle it out for a trip to the final.
I cut a poor light but Ron,  bedazzled by the beauty of the Great White Fairlane sleeps a bit. So old GW decides to run way faster than she has all weekend. I’m so thrilled by my run that Im just high fiving myself while Ron manicures his nails and watches me break out big!
So it’s Sid and Ron in the final in a very cool match up of fast MOPARS and great drivers.
Sid launches hard left and we all think his goose is cooked. But he recovers to catch Ron! Both cross the finish line almost identically. And…..we have a double break out! Ron wins by 14, 1000th of a second. What a great final!
Congrats to Ron who deserves some good karma after Vegas!!
Sid, congrats on your runner up hardware!
So that’s a wrap of a fun filled weekend at Western  Colorado Dragway.
A good time was had by all.
Next stop…Billings Montana! Don’t be a wusscake and miss a double header in Big Sky Country!!




Ron Kissner



Runner Up

Sid McDaniel