Ok gang sorry this is late. Lots of excuses but none of them good. Last weekends race at Western Colorado Dragway in Grand Junction CO. was truly a special event. The race was dedicated to Mr Ron Berry. Ron was a western slope racing titan. He rarely got beat with his wicked Dodge Challenger. He was inducted in to the Colorado Motorsports Hall Of Fame in 2018. Ron attended many of our races rolling in to the pits with good friend Ron Kissner. Sadly Mr Berry passed away last year.

So Ron Kissner teamed up with the folks at WCD and put a race together dedicated to the memory of Ron Berry. In fact Ron fielded 6 cars. The Berry family was well represented driving 3 of those hot rods. Jeep Berry, Ron’s son plus Dakota and Brody Berry, Ron’s grandsons. Kudos to Kevin Jones and Doug Styers for pitching in and getting all those hot rods ready.

The stands were full and folks were parked up and down the strip to watch the action and show their love and respect for RonBerry. And the entire Berry family was there.

Ron Kissner put up the prize money from Pine Country Truck and Trailer and Dave Arnold did a great job as Race Master. Thanks fellas!

Dave Arnold who has a wealth of track management in his repertoire had a great suggestion and we put it in play last weekend. Anybody who lost first round would go in to a consolation bracket. This is something we will be doing more of. More on that to follow.

On to Racing! In the winners bracket we had Chris “Sky King” McCallum and his super quick Nova vs Brody Berry in the final. That’s right, Ron Berry’s grandson who had never drag raced (legally lol) made it to the final of his grandpops memorial race. Who wrote that script right?! But Chris McCallum is a killer so the final was going to be something special. Brody got out quick while Chris had to sit. Brody rolling and Chris on him like a fat kid on cake. Looks like a photo finish. But Brody has an angel on his shoulder and takes the win light. A special race on a special night that pulled on the old heart strings. Congrats to Brody Berry for his very special win.

In the consolation bracket. Mike McCallum took on Brad Shaffer. Comet vs Fairlane. Mike lays an .05 light on Shaffer but the old dude pulls out an .04. So at the stripe both cars cross at the same time. However micro seconds count and Shaffer takes the win and the cash!

Great night. Can’t thank Amber at Western Colorado Dragway enough. You rock!

Chris McCallum took his runner up money and threw it in the pot. You rock as well Sky King! And Ron Kissner you are a stand up guy. John Wayne has nothing on you!

Next race at Bandimere. See you there !!






Brody Berry



Runner Up

Chris McCallum (far left)


Consolation Race

Winner – Brad Shaffer

Runner up – Mike McCallum