Mother nature was kind enough to let us get in a race yesterday!

A couple of notes before I get to the results.
• Rick Ulmer cut a perfect light during qualifying and was recognized by the track at the noon break. A perfect light on a pro tree…wow! Way to go Rick!
• Really appreciate how Rick and Diane Ulmer are always feeding us….you guys rock!
• Same with Cori Dinkel who always brings us the best baked goods! Thank you Cori!!

Ok on the race results! We had 18 cars. My sympathies to Ron Kissner who broke the rear end of his Cuda but fortunately had a back up car……a 10 second back up car !

After 2 rounds of tough racing we had Quick Rick Ulmer taking on Kevin Cuda Jones.
Then we had Trent “Baby Driver” Dinkel vs Sid Vicious.
Daryl Dinkle drew the bye.

Kevin and Rick battle. Rick has been chopping the tree down all day but gets a bit sleepy on Kevin and breaks out trying to catch the purple people eater.

Then Trent and his Dart try to knock off the seemingly unbeatable one Sidney McDaniel. Like an old West gunfight Trent pulls first but the Vicious one takes deadly aim and puts Trent on the trailer.

On to the next round:
Kevin draws the bye. This sets up a rematch from the Billings final Sid vs Daryl.
Daryl feeling like he must defend the family honor after Trent got spanked.
Sid, feeling the pressure of being our points leader and knowing everybody wants to knock him out.
Foot Brake Daryl vs wheelstanding Sid. What a race!!! By the chrome on his bumper Daryl takes down the king and heads to the final. Wowzers!!

So we have a western Colorado Shootout. Cuda Kevin vs the Wedge Hammer.
Kevin gets out first. Daryl catches him and they battle side by side.
In a photo finish Daryl knocks out Kevin and wins!!

Congrats to both our finalists!! Daryl now sets his sights on catching Sid for the points championship !
Thanks to all who raced….it was a great day! Pics will be posted on Web site.



Daryl Dinkel

Runner Up

Kevin Jones