What a weekend at the Tri State Hot Rod Revival. This is the third year for this event and it just gets bigger and better. I’m proud to say that our RMN group has been a cornerstone of this event and we showed strong again with 24 cars!!

There were 130 cars in competition overall and a ton of hot rods everywhere.
Condolences to Roy Whittemore who air mailed a rod in his 427….yikes. Sorry buddy……tough year.
Once again mother nature got us with rain on Saturday after only one round.
So…we finished the race on Sunday morning.

The final 6……our Vegas winner Lee Anderson fell to Sid Vicious in a razor tight battle. Then Ken Godsey and his wheel standing Comet took on newcomer Bob Couch and his 777 Cougar. The dirt tracker showed he has drag racing skills and took out Ken.

Last pair….Dale Schroeder, Julesburg track champ takes on Kevin Jones and his bad ass Cuda. Hard to beat Dale on his home track and Kevin gets put on the trailer.

Final 3…..Sid draws the bye and this sets up Dale vs Cougar man Bob.
Cougar out first Schroeder catches him, blows by him with a tailwind….slow down Dale! Get out of it! Nope….the Tbolt flys in to a breakout and the 777 Cougar heads to the final.

Sid Vicious once again in the final vs Bob Couch.
They line it up….hurry hurry rain is coming!
The lights drop and Bob launches hard and Sid …..what…..goes red!
Rookie sensation Bob Couch wins!!!!! (Only a rookie to our group) the man can race!
Congrats Bob!!!!

Race 2… as we pull chips to get after race 2 the rain comes. I call the race and 30 min later the track calls all the races due to wind and rain…..ugh!!!
Oh well…..it was still a heck of an event. Big crowd on Saturday….. Awesome !
In two weeks we are back at Julesburg so stand by for more info.

Thanks to all who came and raced. You are a hardy and fun bunch!!!




Bob Couch





Sid McDaniel

Runner Up