What a weekend in Kearney! We had 16 cars and pitted next to the track which allowed us to watch all the racing which was pretty cool.
Before I get in to the results I want to thank the Ulmers for providing donuts and coffee Saturday morning. Cori Dinkle for the awesome brownies and putting the driver profiles together. I’d also like to thank the Rogers for providing breakfast sandwiches and some post racing “liquid pain from getting beat”fluid.
Last….I think we will create a Karl Oser safety list:

1) Always wear your helmet
2) Always disconnect your battery charger before u head down pit row.
3) Never leave your scooter running and parked in front of another racers car then forget where you left it.
4) …..stay tuned!……

Now to the racing on Saturday
The track was a bit “loose” on Saturday morning. We had four or five nine second cars….Ken Godsey and a few others had their teeth and and another part of their anatomy clenched with some wild rides!
Even my tank visited the center stripe on the morning run…..exciting.
Track got better as they sprayed more VHT down. In Saturdays elimitations we went Street Outlaw style drawing for names for matches. Every round was a draw and that was fun.
Our final four pitted Mike Rogers fresh off his runner up finish in Denver last week against new comer Rick Ulmer. Chevy vs MOPAR! Quick Rick took the win while Mike was apparently playing with his eight track.
In the other semi final was Roy Whittemore and his beautiful blue TBolt vs Mike “Cool Hand” McCallum and his Maverick. Lol….OK his Comet. Roy knocked out Mike which means if you want to be the best you have to beat the best!
So…..Rick vs Roy in a delayed late night final thanks to an oil down.
Roy bested Rick but Rick ran in the 11s for the first time so you thought, judging by his smile he had won!
Congrats Roy! You are the champ!!

The final four featured Mike “Cool Hand” McCallum vs John “Nine Second” Norris and his bad ass Fairlane. Mike does what he does best and cut a killer light to put Mr Norris on the trailer
In the other semi it was Joel Pitre and his Bed, Bath and Beyond sponsored 63 Fairlane vs Daryl ” The HAMMER” Dinkle and his big inch MOPAR.
It was wire to wire but Big D got by Joel by a bumper for the win!
It was an all Grand Junction final Mike vs Daryl. Knowing he had to cut a light on the cobra quick McCallum Big D jumped on the light but was a hair quick and went red handing the trophy to Mike.
That’s win number two for Mike McCallum and he is now a marked man……we are coming for you buddy…lol !
So all in all it was a great weekend. The Flyboys broke their shifter handle in half and Little John Novak busted a rocker arm on his nine second MOPAR but nothing catastrophic.
Next month we head to Grand Junction. Great track with no issues so get ready to rock!


Day 1 Race Results


Roy Whittmore



Rick Ulmer

Runner Up



Nebraska Nostalgia Nationals AFX Winner

Mike McCallum


Nebraska Nostalgia Nationals

Runner Up


Daryl Dinkel