Vegas took its toll on people and equipment.

Personally I want to thank all the folks that helped get my car going again after I shattered the rear end.
So thank you Sid and Dale for trying to find me parts.
Huge thank you to Mike McCallum for pulling the rear end and about losing a finger in the process. You are a Champ brother.
JD for devising a plan to get us a differential and helping us at 6am to install it. Pops for his advice. Terry Stonecipher for supplying the diff and getting a young lady to run it 60 miles north to George of the Orange Monster crew who went south to grab it and get it to Vegas just before midnight. And finally my son and brothers who all pitched in and helped on both ends of getting my car back on track. (If I missed somebody I apologize)
This……is what is so awesome about our team.

Some things to make you smile….

Mike McCallum responding to JD’s suggestion that he put electrical tape on his bleeding finger (through gritted teeth)”electrical tape is for scrapes and bruises……i need friction tape!” Funny even in great pain Mike!

Mike Rogers showing Sid a sparkplug and asking if it was good or bad. And Sid pointing out a disconnected spark plug wire suggesting Mike plug all 8 in if he wants it to run right (and it did LOL)
JD hitting a 55gal trash can on his way back to his pit. He was so busy waving at his fans……..well, you know….


Newcomer Lee Anderson and his blue Duster knocked out Mike McCallum to earn his way to the final. Rick Ulmer was chopping down the competition all day and finally drew a bye that got him paired against Lee for the big trophy. All MOPAR final!
It was bumper to bumper all the way down and Lee took it by a nose!
Congrats to both for a hell of a final!! You guys rock!

Group A
Mark Lange and his 70, 4 speed Swinger took on Ken Moreland and his big inch Chevelle for the right to meet Ron Kissner in the final.
Ken put down a killer light and earned his way to the final.
Ron Kissner and his gorgeous and fast Ronnie Sox Cuda took a bye run to the final. Setting up a hell of a final.
Unfortunately Ron snapped an axle (I share your pain) and could not repair it in time for the final.
Therefore Ken Moreland took the crown in Group A.

We had a huge car count. Good weather albeit hot and a lot of fun.
Cali guys were great and the Rocky represented like I knew we would.

On to Bandimere!! Be there, aloha!



Group A Winner

Ken Moreland


Group B Winner

Lee Anderson