Vegas…the final story…..
What a great weekend of racing with our California brethren at Muscle Cars on the strip. We started with 30 cars but lost 3 to breakage.

Want to recognize Trent Dinkel. He jumped in to the $10, 000 prize race which had a boatload of cars in it. Battling cars with all those fancy electronic advantages he made the final 8 with his footbraking Dart! Way to represent young man!

Ok.. We had 2 classes. The split was 10.50. The final 4 in super fast was a battle of Titans.

Sid Vicious McDaniel vs Ronnie Sox Kissner.
And…. The Hoffman & Lozis Mustang vs Marvelous Marv Reiser.
Ron jumps out on Sid but Sid cuts a killer light. Sid trying to pull past Ron on the top but Ron holds him off to win by a bumper!

In the other semi Marv leaves first and the Mustang gives chase with a breath taking wheel stand. Marv is pushing his pedal thru the floorboard but the Ford takes the stripe.
In the Fast final Ron Kissner cuts a light and runs on his dial to beat the Hoffman & Lozis Mustang by a car! Congrats Ron you were money all weekend amigo!

In the Quick group final 4
We had …..
Daryl Dinkel vs Joel Miner and his wheel standing altered wheelbase beast.
We also had Lee Duster Anderson vs Trent “Gun Show” Dinkel.

Daryl, still traumatized after finding his dog had pooped on his hood scoop (true story) jumped out on Joel. The Dinkel “Pooper Scooper” Coronet was straight and true and Joel couldn’t quite catch him…DD with the win.

In the other semi Trent Dinkel faced off with last year champ Lee Anderson and his sport compact Duster. Trent got stuck looking at his reflection in the rear view and could not catch the Duster!

So….Daddy Dinkel pissed that Lee beat his baby boy kicks the Anderson family out of his pit and in to the hot sun. Poor Mama and 2 small boys. Huddling in what’s left of the shade of a neighboring hauler. So sad and just mean and yes I’m full of it. Lol

Anyway….DD has to chase the champ and he catches him by a fender and wins the Quick Class!
That’s back to back wins for Daryl and Crew Chief extraordinaire Cori!!!

Other notes: Dave Franklin had his Galaxie in to the very low nines!! Wow!!
Sid…always so buttoned up forgot his helmet. For us mortals that was pretty darn funny.

All in all a great time. MOPARS were dominant and in true NASCAR fashion we will fix that by pulling a plug wire on those critters before every race. 😉

Congrats to all! See you at Bandimere!!






Winner Group 1(Fast)

Ron Kissner






Winner Group 2 (Quick)

Daryl Dinkel





Runner Up Group 2 (Quick)

Lee Anderson