The points race came down to the final race.  Points leader………Daryl Dinkel had a tough weekend bowing out in round one of each race. This opened the door for Sid McDaniel and Brad Shaffer to grab the crown. At the end of the weekend however Daryl’s lead held……. Daryl and his crew chief Miss Cori are our 2016 CHAMPIONS!! Congrats you two!! Besides a super cool trophy you get $1000 in NAPA Tools and Equipment ! Boom!! Well deserved cuz this man Daryl Dinkel…..he can drag race folks.

Sid McDaniel and Brad Shaffer tied for second, JD Campbell took third, and Karl Oser took fourth. Well done fellas!


2016 Points Winner

Daryl Dinkel and Crew Chief Miss Cori


The main objective of the points system is to encourage participation. All cars will receive points just for showing up on race day. The winner of each round will receive points, with the winner and runner up receiving bonus points.

5 points for all cars on race day

10 points for each round winner

3 points for the runner up

5 points for the race winner

At the end of the season the car with the most points will earn a cool $1000 gift certificate from NAPA Tools and Equipment.